and Culture / Transgression: body and space
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transgress is to break, violate, infringe, or go beyond the bounds of accepted
norms or limits; such limits may be behavioural or cultural (embedded
in law, moral principle, taboo or other codified standards) or spatial.

would like to invite you to submit work for consideration for publication
in a special issue of the AHRA journal, Architecture and Culture on
the theme of “Transgression: body and space”. This issue will draw from
the 10th AHRA International conference on the subject of Transgression which
took place at the University of the West of England, Bristol UK, 21-23 November
2014. However, submissions are also very welcome from contributors who
did not attend the conference. This journal will be guest edited by David
Littlefield and Rachel Sara, who will work closely with the permanent editorial
team of Igea Troiani, Suzanne Ewing and Diana Periton.

special issue will explore the way in which the notion of transgression
allows us to explore the relationship between the body and space.
From Edgar Allen Poe to Georges Bataille, the history of transgression
is intimately bound up with ideas of the body, psychology, identity
and society. If, as Lefebvre argues, space is a social production, then
what role might transgression play? How can understandings of the body (what
it is; its relationship with mind, psyche and identity; the manner in which
it can enhanced, changed and adapted) affect our understanding and interpretation
of space? How can the relationship between the body and space be

and Culture welcomes explorations that are rigorously speculative,
purposively imaginative, visually and verbally stimulating. It solicits
essays, critical reviews, interviews, fictional narratives both in words
and images, art and building projects, and design hypotheses.

should be submitted electronically via Editorial Manager at:
by the 27th January 2014. Notes for
contributors can also be found on this site. Contributors will be informed
of the result of the peer review process by Friday 7 March.

Papers, accepted
subject to revisions, must be completed by Monday 24 March. If
you have any queries or require further information, please contact: David
Littlefield: Rachel

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