This is the first blog entry I’ve made since January 2020. Back then I had posted details about the talk on ‘Navigating Cinematic Geographies’ I was invited to give at the University of Mainz. That also happened to be the last time I travelled overseas. Just a few short weeks later the world would end up looking and feeling very different. And in just a few short weeks from now I will be travelling outside of the UK once more, the first time since the Great Interruption. I can’t wait.

This new post has been prompted by the Royal Anthropological Institute having just released the recordings of past events they have organised, including a talk I gave back in October 2021 titled ‘Killing Space, Giving Life to Space: Interdisciplinary Excursions in Spatial Anthropology’.

Details about the seminar, including the abstract of the paper I presented, can be accessed here:

The recording (which lasts 80 minutes) can be accessed here: